Informational Interviewing Reading

Informational Interviewing Reading
You will read “Informational interviewing: Get the inside scoop on careers” by Olivia Crosby for
homework. The purpose of this reading is to learn what information is and the steps to
completing one.
Before you Read
Vocabulary Preparation – Study these definitions from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary
English. (
1. first-hand experience (noun)- experience that has been learned or gained by doing
something yourself or by talking to someone yourself
2. break into (phrasal verb)- to become involved in a new job or business activity:
3. coined (verb)- invented a new word or expression, especially one that many people start
to use
4. abound (verb)- to exist in very large numbers
5. suits (verb)- to be acceptable, suitable or convenient for a particular person or in a
particular situation
6. striking up (phrasal verb)- to start talking
7. polish (verb)– (1) to make something (i.e. shoes) smooth, bright, and shiny by rubbing
it; (2) to improve a piece of writing, a speech etc by making slight changes to it before
it is completely finished
8. poise (noun)- a calm, confident way of behaving, combined with an ability to control
your feelings or reactions in difficult situations
9. stymied (adj.)– confused or stuck
10. temperament (noun)- he emotional part of someone's character, especially how likely
they are to be happy, angry etc
11. entry level (noun, mostly used as an adj.)– an entry level job is a job that does not ask
for previous experience in order to do that job
12. daunting (adj.)- frightening in a way that makes you feel less confident
13. eager (adj.)- very keen and excited about something that is going to happen or about
something you want to do
14. mutual acquaintance (noun)– someone you and another person both know
15. credibility (noun)- the quality of deserving to be believed and trusted
16. good will (noun)– kindness and compassion
17. conservative (adj.)- traditional
18. unobtrusive (adj.)- not easily noticed
19. stay on track (phrase)– remain focused on the activity or conversation
20. cloud their judgment (phrase)- to make someone less able to think clearly or make
sensible decisions
TLC Project 2010 – Permission granted for classroom use only
Previewing – Before you read, preview the following features: the title, the headings, the
pullout quotes, the picture, and the example letter.
While Reading
Detail Questions – Find the answers to the following questions and highlight or underline them
in the reading.
1. What is an informational interview?
2. How long should an informational interview last?
3. What are three ways to arrange an information interview?
4. What types of specific questions should you prepare?
5. When should you arrive at an informational interview?
The Main Idea – As you read, complete this outline of the steps to completing an informational
interview. (Hint: Look for key words like before, after, and next.)
Steps to Conducting a Successful Informational Interview
1. _______________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________________________________
5. Interview Day
Complete this chart of do’s and don’ts on interview day.
TLC Project 2010 – Permission granted for classroom use only