Nutrition 150 Name:____________________________ Body Image and Nutrition Discussion

Nutrition 150
Body Image and Nutrition Discussion
Please prepare for the upcoming discussion by responding to the following questions.
You may answer in bullet-point format or complete sentences—your choice. This
completed page will be due at the beginning of the discussion class period. You may
write on the back if you need more room.
1. What is body image?
2. How can body image impact food choices and eating habits? Describe two
different scenarios in which body image would have an influence.
3. Where do we see body image utilized or manipulated as a way to sell products?
Name two contexts in which this occurs: one related to food and one related to a
non-food product.
4. Do you think that the influence of body image leads most individuals to make
healthier choices or unhealthier choices in foods? Justify your response.