Concerns Feedback from Thursday’s “Dear Jane” letter:

Concerns Feedback from Thursday’s “Dear Jane” letter:
1. Will I really accomplish my goals by the end of the quarter by being a
good listener and a better communicator?
2. I am concerned about learning how to communicate but when it
comes to it will I be able to be an interpersonal communicator?
3. I am concerned about my learning plan and the situation with the
person whom I wish to have authentic meaningful dialogue.
4. How to say what we mean whether or not people’s comments are
genuine and honest…
5. I’m concerned about opening up in this class because I’m not a talker.
Another concern that I have is trying to keep up with all the work I
have to do for this class.
6. I am concerned with how in-depth we go in this class. I am not much
of the type of person who goes too deep. I feel that this class will push
me to my limits on how deep I will have to go.
7. One of the things I am most confused or scared about is
communicating with people in other ways than my own. I am not
around this type of thinking on a deep level. It is sometimes hard to
relate to things that I do not understand.
8. I am concerned that some of the students will judge each other as well
as some of them won’t to actively participate because they feel
inferior. But I am excited about learning and hearing from others.
9. I have two concerns about the class as of right now. The first being if I
can handle the reading load with my schedule. The second concern is
if this class will help me grow more as a conversationalist and as a
10.I am a little nervous about the workload. I have a hard time studying
so it’s a little overwhelming with the readings and online work.
11.I’m concerned about the amount of reading to be covered. I’m not a
quick reader and three books for one course seems to pose a daunting
12.Understanding the material as well as how much I expect to learn
from it.
13.I’m concerned about how I react to problems that come out of the blue
or negativity that comes out of nowhere from people at work.
14.I am concerned, but hopeful, that my work, school and life load may
be a little heavy for the degree to which I want to succeed in my
15.I am very scared that I will fall behind in this class and fail it. I worry
that I will fall behind in my reading and that I will be too dumb to
figure our reading or people’s points. I am scared of writing as my
writing skills aren’t very good.
16.Some things that concern me are reading the text and understanding it
to fulfill a valid reader response. I’m having trouble reading these in
depth essays…
17.Sometimes my life is so busy with work and school sometimes I have
no energy left to study a couple more hours.
18.The main concern would be the reading material. I fear if the reading
is dull, I will have a hard time grasping it or I won’t fully engage in
the text. I want to be really interested in the reading material so that I
will be eager to read more.