What’s the Setting? By:

What’s the Setting?
To use this you must stay in
this view, Normal. Students
will listen and read the
paragraph to decide which
picture is the setting.
DOUBLE click the sound icon
on the slide to hear the sound.
Delete other pictures and
resize the correct picture.
I loved seeing the clowns and elephants
everywhere. There was loud music and good
food. It was the best time I ever had!
Mrs. Jones gave us a really hard assignment.
She told us to write our spelling words ten
times each.
I must admit I was a little scared. There were
bats and spiders. I think I even saw a ghost!
Julie is really good at making flowers grow.
She spends most of her time making sure her
plants get enough water, sun, and soil.
Our family all came together for
dinner. It was a very special
Thanksgiving holiday.