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Downfall of life

Downfall of life
Human race are siting on the last branch, which is not cut off the tree of life. It's cruel
cognition , but sadly true. Tree was once strong and very high. There was life in every single
leaf on it. No matter how small ti was, it was full of life energy. There were no dead branches.
More and more new were groving. Everythnig was in harmony and cohabitation. But some
people wasn't care about it. They wanted power and authority over everythnig, even over tree
of life. It gone easy with people, they easly fallen under their influence. Energy of tree was
way to big, they couldn't subordinated it. So they said tree is sick and it need some help. They
poisoned it, just to prove they are right. Only good cure was cuting off branches. Tree of live
was suffering but still gving his like force. Time was passing. There were still some happy
people, others became scared and started to belive lies. Day by day there were more of people
who replaced harmony with chaos and join the group of tree »healers«. Despots were happy:
»Wining is not question anymore. We will take pover over tree, over life. Ordinary people
became scared. They were afraid for tree, bu they were scared of despots and they done
nothing. Only a handful of people dared to speak out laud. They tryed to save tree. But
despots proclaimed them mad and dangeroud for all humanity. Confused crowd belived to
despots. It was way more easy. There were no need for thinking, no need to do anythnig. Tree
were started to losing beattle. It was poison badly, many branches were missing already, it
was unable to grow new ones, older started to desiccate. People wre madly cutnig off branch
by branch, still thinking that it will save tree, but it was about to die. Energy disapeare. People
get scared even more. They were like pale shadows. They lost everythnig, harmony,
cohabitation, love. When there were last branches falling down, they realized, that forgoten
small group actually had right. But it was late already, very late, to late. There was only last
branch left. And now all humanity sitting on that branch and hope. But that hope came to
nothing. Most faithful servants of despots start sawing in that last hope of humanity. Sinister
sound of saw announcing catastrophe. Shrill sound of braking brench. Falling. Man defeat
life, defeat himself. Realizing that finaly destroyed himself. It's only falling and…end.