Review Figures for Mitosis and Meiosis

Review Figures for Mitosis and Meiosis
A cell which has a diploid (2n) number of 6 undergoes either mitosis or meiosis. Use the pictures below to answer
questions about the stages of division for this cell.
e.g. Which cell is in Meiosis Metaphase I? Which cell depicts non-identical chromatids separating? Which cell is in
Prophase of Mitosis? Which cell could be in G1 phase? In which cell are homologous chromosomes separating?
Which cells above are diploid or haploid? Which cell shows chromosomes in synapsis? In which cell could
chromosomes be undergoing replication? Which cell is most similar to a gamete? Which cell is Metaphase II of
Meiosis? What phase is cell “bd” in?
Complete the following comparison table.
Haploid or Diploid at beginning
of cell division?
Change in chromosome number
Type of cells that undergo this
process (somatic or germ-line
Number of cell divisions
Number of cells produced
Descriptions of the genes of the
new cells compared to the
parent cell (identical or
Description of the genes of the
new cells compared to each
other (identical or different)