Mitosis/Meiosis Exam Diagram Used on Tests

Mitosis/Meiosis Exam Diagram Used on Tests
Be sure you can identify the specific phase of each of the cells below (in mitosis
or meiosis), whether the cell is diploid or haploid, and explain what structures
are present in the cell. Assume for this cell type that 2n (the diploid number
of chromosomes) = 6
Be able to name the specific phase in mitosis or meiosis shown by each cell drawing. Note
that answering “Meiosis Metaphase” is incorrect because it does not have “I” or “II” after
the phase name.
Be able to answer questions about what is happening in each picture, such as:
Which picture(s) show(s) homologous chromosomes separating?
Which picture(s) show(s) sister chromatids separating?
Which picture(s) are diploid? Which are haploid?
Which pictures(s) show synapsis?
Which picture(s) are most like a gamete?
Which pictures(s) show a cell in G1, as viewed under the microscope? In G2? In S