Week 1: Experiment Friday, April 8.

Week 1: Experiment
Direct Observation: To practice sensory awareness and spontaneous writing. Due
Friday, April 8.
Spend at least 30 minutes sitting in a public place you enjoy – a park, cafe, street
corner, college cafeteria, or other public setting.
As you sit, write down as many sensory details as you can. Use all your senses: sight,
sound, touch, smell, taste. You may describe the physical environment, people or
animals, vehicles, conversations your overhear, sounds, sensations in your body,
odors, flavors – whatever comes up. Really attend to your senses and KEEP
WRITING for the whole 30 minutes.
Stay with your senses. Avoid getting lost in thoughts and emotions. If you do, note
them and come back to your direct observation.
They need not be in complete sentences or grammatically correct. Whatever you
notice and write is fine. It might look like a list, a series of short paragraphs, a huge
freewrite… these are all fine.
This works best if you do it on your own, not with a friend. Your focus should be on
your surroundings, not a particular person.