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Peer Review Worksheet
At this point, it is most important for you to give your writer a reader response. Help them to think
from the perspective of a reader. Before you begin, take some time to talk to your writer to
understand what they are trying to do and what they most need from the review. Take notes on this
sheet and directly on their draft, and leave enough time to discuss.
What is this narrative about? What is the primary story being told?
What is the point of the narrative? Why is it being shared? What significance can you see?
Does the opening draw you into the story? Why or why not? Be specific.
What kinds of emotions does the story encourage in you? Are there any specific moments in the
story that invoke particularly strong feelings?
Does the closing bring the focus back to the main point? Provide some twist or emotional impact?
Why or why not? Be specific.
Is there a clear progression in the story? Are the details of events easy to follow? Point out any spots
that lack clarity.
Does the writer employ specific details and descriptions? If so, identify a few places where the
details are especially effective. If not, identify places where the writer could include more details.