Michael: Food production for world population. What did the Green... erosion. How much food is needed to feel the world...

Michael: Food production for world population. What did the Green Revolution do? Soil
erosion. How much food is needed to feel the world population and can we feed them? Are
current farming practices sustainable and will they feed the world.
Yuqing: Obesity in children and young people. Causes? What should be done about it?
Renee’: Before there was so much packaged food, did we eat better? Should we go back to that
period in our eating? Are there advantages to some modern methods of processing?
Ryan: Ethanol. Are there other kinds than corn? Are they more sustainable? Is ethanol a good
fuel source generally? Should we depend more on it or not?
Mark: Ramifications of adding nitrogen fertilizers to the soil: runoff, global warming…
Hongyu: Vending machines & junk food in schools: What are the pros and cons? Should there be
junk-food vending machines in schools?
Ferris: What is a healthy way to eat? Are there ideal times to eat for health.
Emily: The French Paradox: How can the French be healthy on croissants and butter and wine?
What can we learn from this way of eating; how can we adapt it in the U.S.?
James P: Nutritional value of fast food: Can it be made more healthful? Would that make a
Albert: Are GMOs good for us and for the environment? Why or why not?
Soso: How are glucose, inulin, and hormones related to obesity? Effects of sugar on the body?
Gemma: Re-usage food movement and urban farming: How to do it affordably and productively.
What resources are available? Dumpster diving. Urban back to the land. How much food can be
produced this way? How much money and environmental stress can be saved?
Fred: Eating disorders & body image. Eating disorders & men. What causes them? What can
prevent them? Does the U.S. have more of them than other countries?
Luke: Fad diets: Do they help us lose weight? Do they support healthy lifestyles? What can we
learn from them in general?
Damon: Obesity & minorities. OR Food Stamps: is the program useful? Does it alleviate hunger?
What are the pros and cons?
Toby: What’s the big deal over GMO labeling. If it’s not bad for you then who cares?
Consequences of labeling…