Purpose and Outcomes Worksheet Johnny Hwang

Johnny Hwang
ITSW 1310
Individual Presentation
Purpose and Outcomes
Why are you giving this presentation?
To inform gamers or people interested in gaming
What is the primary purpose of your presentation? Check one and explain it.
- Provide useful and relevant facts and details
I will give information to where to play games as a community and meet new people who
share the same hobbies in electronic entertainment
What are the secondary purposes for your presentation? Check and explain all that apply.
- Other
To get gamers involved in the electronic entertainment world
What should the audience know, feel, or do as a result of your presentation?
Audience should know there is something for everyone as part of the Electronic
Entertainment community. The gaming industry has things from novices to experts!
What other outcomes are there for your presentation?
Just to spread the word that there is fun for everyone.