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Top Gaming and Entertainment Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Top Gaming and Entertainment
Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
31 July 2019
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With the digital wave, we are witnessing massive changes for businesses across industries. The
rollout of 5G and similar emerging technologies will create a host of new opportunities for all major
industries. These technologies will help in skyrocketing growth and innovation for the gaming and
entertainment sectors. For every business in the entertainment and gaming sector, it is important
to keep their customers engaged and keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends.
Over the past year, two major trends- 1) streaming and mobile video, and shift from traditional pay
TV, and 2) edge computing and eSports, have brought a wave of change in the entertainment
industry. Digital transformation in entertainment and gaming are making way for new platforms,
features and mediums that change the way people consume content. Take a look at the major trends
that will revolutionize the industry in 2019.
Growth of Mobile Gaming
2019 will likely be the year of console and PC gamers going mobile. With the growing use and
popularity of mobile games, the leading video game giants such as Konami and Blizzard are focusing
on transitioning into mobile devices. This will give the players the ease to play and compete at
anytime and anywhere.
Top Gaming and Entertainment Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
Cloud Gaming
Cloud gaming projects from companies such as Google and GeForce are under test and are expected
to be released very soon. 2019 will be the year when we see cloud gaming making its debut. You will
no longer have to worry about the specifications of your PC or laptop or mobile, as everything will
be on cloud. All you will need is a strong, fast and reliable internet connectivity. The biggest catalyst
to this has been the launch of Stadia by Google. The live streaming platform Twitch that allows
people to watch gamers playing live has garnered millions of followers around the world with cloud
Rise of Original Content
Netflix and Amazon are at the top of video streaming companies. Streaming companies and media
houses have started to invest in these companies for original content. With more and more users
shifting from traditional pay TV and relying on mobile and content subscription services for
entertainment, we will see more of original content from these giants.
Cross Platform Gaming
More games will start supporting cross platform play very soon. This means irrespective of whether
they are a mobile gamer, PC gamer or a console gamer, they will be able to play with their friends
and the games will support all platforms.
Artificial Intelligence
Companies in media production, post-production, creation and distribution will experience huge
business benefits by implementing AI in their strategy. AI will help in personalizing user experiences
and automating pre-production activities and we will witness a generation of video games that cater
to individual users. AI-driven Media Assets Management systems can help in managing content and
media libraries efficiently.
Personalized content
The one-size-fits-all no longer works in the digital age. Hence, marketers will adopt new methods
and technologies to interact and engage with their customers to cut through the clutter. Emerging
technologies such as AI and ML will help media and marketing companies to create personalized
and relevant messaging and experiences.
New Consoles
Companies like Microsoft and Sony are likely to announce new hardware for console gamers in 2019.
These new hardware are expected to bring in new features and functionalities.
Top Gaming and Entertainment Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
These trends are driving innovation and opportunities of growth. With so much momentum for the
coming years, businesses in the entertainment and gaming sector need to embrace new
technologies and to create and deliver content that engages the customers better.
Gateway Digital, a new age technology partner helps in transitioning to a new gaming and
entertainment landscape with our expertise in emerging technologies. We have rich experience in
the area of online gaming, mobile gaming, concept art, animations, and e-Learning games. We are
a one stop shop from all your needs from concept development to game development to quality
assurance to deployment. To know more about us, visit www.gatewaydigital.se or get in touch with
us at [email protected]
Top Gaming and Entertainment Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
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Top Gaming and Entertainment Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
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