CPE long turn examples - Tim`s Free English Lesson Plans

CPE long turn examples
Have our attitudes to food
changed over recent years?
• Food production
• What we choose to eat
• Eating as a social activity
Does travel broaden the mind?
• Culture
• Mutual understanding
• Leisure opportunities
Why is music important to people
around the world?
• Traditions
• Entertainment
• Emotions
When is it preferable to be in a quiet
place or a noisy place?
• Age
• Activity
• Time of day
How important are stories in our lives?
• Education
• Entertainment
• Tradition
How realistic is it to expect the truth at
all times?
• At work / school
• With family and friends
• From the media
What effects does the internet have on
our lives?
• Education
• Information
• entertainment
What is preferable making your own decisions
or asking other people for advice?
• In education
• At work
• At different ages
How much are people’s habits
influenced by the media?
• Spending habits
• Current affairs
• Entertainment