Dear Panel,

Dear Panel,
I believe that this is the greatest oportunity that we as
American's have had in our lifetime to be able to speed up
the growth of our economy. The present tax code has put a
burden on all of the working class American's, From the
rich to the poor.. I am a single male and a middle class
worker. I have had to live from paycheck to paycheck all
because of the burden of the payroll tax. This year my
company down sized in our area leaving me wondering what
too do.. I had no choice but to take out my retirement and
use it to pay bills and rent. Now I am faced with paying
Federal Income Tax because I used that money to live on.
This capatial gains tax along with all the other hidden
taxes is unfair.. I believe that the passing of a National
would be the fairest.. I believe that HR 25 that has been
introduced by Representative John Linder, R-Ga is the
answer. The most important aspect is that all Americans
will recieve the gross amount of their paychecks, Also the
government does not need to know what you have in the bank,
what property you own or what stocks you have. I believe
that the big winners will be Social Security and Medicare
which will be secured by an increase in federal revenues
driven by the speed up of the economic growth. I believe
that the rise in federal monies will help retire the
national debt.. Just think what would happen to corporate
America if there were no more corporate taxes. America
would be a like a big vaccume and worldwide corp. would
want to locate in the United States instead of moving over
seas. I believe this would create an explosion of newly
created jobs thus boosting our economy.. I am glad that We
have a President and Elected officials that want to see a
change in the system.. I am all for doing away with the
present system and the IRS so that we as American citizens
can have a part of this great Nations once again.. After
all our forefathers gave their lives to create this Great
Nation and What was the war about.. Taxation .. I want to
see the American workers and people take back what is taken
from us.. This bill is fair for everyone because everyone
has to pay the same at the register.. Thankyou for giving
us as Americans to be able to voice our concerns... Lets
pass HR 25 for all Americans..