Fall 2004
Instructor: Dr. M. Saluja
Office: 314 South Hall
Phone: 635-2740
Texts: Mondy and Noe. Human Resource Management, Eighth Edition, 2002.
Course Description
This course is the study of concepts relating to human resource management. It will provide you with an
understanding of law, policies, and practices related to procurement, development, maintenance, and utilization of
human resources.
General Objectives of the Course
to impart knowledge regarding the general environment (particularly legal) in which human resource
to develop skill in the analysis of problems which supervisors commonly face in the management of human
Instructional Methods
The lecture and case method of instruction will be used. The case method requires that a student be present for,
and participate in, class discussions in order to develop skills in problem solving and for other forms of "learning"
to take place.
Examinations and Grading
There will be four tests covering the text, class lectures, and class discussion. In addition, surprise quizzes may be
given to check whether students are keeping up with their readings. Attendance is not mandatory, and there is no
deduction for not coming to class. However, during previous years, students who have not attended class on a
regular basis have not done well due to the nature of the subject. Moreover, a student can earn up to an additional
4% based on his/her contribution to class discussion, positive attitude, effort, and attendance. Students are
encouraged to ask questions relevant to the topic under discussion. Your right to ask questions will be protected
and respected. The course grade will be based on the extent and quality of your class participation, sum total of
hourly tests and the final examination.
Test #1
Test #2
Test #3
Test #4 (Final)
1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7
13, 14, 15, 16, 17
8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
Tentative Grading Scale
Average on all tests and quizzes:
Final Exam Schedule
A = 92 - 100%
B = 82 - 91%
C = 72 - 81%
D = 62 - 71%
F = 61% or below
Approximate Points
40 - 50
30 - 40
50 - 60
60 - 80
State Standards met by this course
apply human resource principles, systems, and contingency approaches to actual management scenarios
explain human resource practices to legally and effectively manage a diverse workforce
demonstrate knowledge of health, safety, and environmental management systems in organizations and
their importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance