(crn 85341) MWF 10:10 -11:00 am. Goodwin 244 Werner Kohler

Math 3224 (crn 85341)
Advanced Calculus
MWF 10:10 -11:00 am.
Fall 2016
Goodwin 244
Werner Kohler
McBryde 578, 1-8283
Course Content : This course is an introduction to the theory of limits, continuity, differentiation,
integration and series. A pervasive and fundamental component of the course is the construction of
mathematical proofs. The course will cover selections of Chapters 1-7 of the text, as time permits.
Text: Understanding Analysis, 2nd edition, by Stephen Abbott, Springer-Verlag, 2015.
Prerequisites: (Math 2224 or 2224H or 2204 or 2204H), Math 3034.
Office Hours : MWF 12:15 -1:15 pm, TTh 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Exams and Evaluation Policy : There will be three tests and a final exam. The three in-class exams will be
given in the evening to allow for extra time at times/places to be announced. The final exam will be given
on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 from 3:25-5:25 pm in Goodwin 244. Homework will be assigned regularly;
some announced quizzes may be given. Make-up tests will generally not be given. Assigned work must be
handed in on the specified due-date. Allowance will be made for problems and unforeseen circumstances (e.g.
documented illness) that are beyond the student's control. It is imperative that the student contact me as soon as
these difficulties arise (before the due-date if the problem is known in advance, or as soon as possible
afterwards). Submitted work is expected to be a neat and coherent exposition; excessively sloppy and/or
illegible work will be returned without grading and credit.
Corrected exams, quizzes and homework should be kept in a file by the student until the course is over.
The final grade will be computed as follows:
Three tests
Homework and quizzes
Final exam:
The conversion of numerical to letter grades will be as follows:
100-94 = A, 93-90 = A-, 89-87 = B+, 86-84 = B, 83-80 = B-, 79-77 = C+, 76-74 = C,
73-70 = C-, 69-60 = D, 59-0 = F
Honor System : Giving or receiving unauthorized aid on a test or exam is an Honor Code violation. The
honor system will be used during tests, quizzes and the final exam. With regard to homework, however,
the student need not work in isolation. In fact, discussion of the material with colleagues and the
instructor is encouraged. However, in subsequently submitting the assignment, the student is tacitly
affirming that the work has not been copied and that it represents her/his understanding of the material. In
particular, if any problems from the text are assigned as homework, accessing their solution from any
source (on-line listing, fraternity file, etc.) is forbidden. Do NOT put your student ID number on any
submitted work.
General policy : The above policy statement represents criteria under which the student can demand to be
evaluated. These criteria, however, will not be blindly adhered to. Changes will be made if, in my
judgment, the interests of learning and fairness dictate such change. I also encourage and will appreciate
constructive criticism regarding the course. On the one hand, a poor attendance record will not alter the
above grading policy. On the other hand, I consider the development of professionalism and a good work
ethic essential to a student's training; unexcused absences/poor homework record may adversely affect
chances for extra consideration in borderline grading situations.