Policy Sheet - Maclay School

Eighth Grade Social Studies Policy Sheet
Mr. Gargiulo
Conduct: Students must observe all class and school rules in order to receive a “1” in
conduct. If I have to remind you of a rule more than once it will count off on your conduct
Always come to class prepared. Bring a pen and pencil and your notebook. Chronic
borrowing will result in a lower conduct grade.
You need to be in the classroom during class time, please use the bathroom and
drinking fountain between classes. (I realize there will be some emergencies, and I
will certainly not count off for those.)
When you enter the door to this classroom you are entering a learning environment.
I expect every student to leave this class knowing more than they did when
Become thoroughly familiar with the Middle School Handbook and Honor
You are expected to:
1. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking
2. Always be respectful and courteous in attitude and manner to other students and
adults. You are expected to stand when an adult enters the classroom.
3. Rudeness will NOT be tolerated!
4. Observe the dress code, I do enforce the rules.
5. Enter the classroom in an orderly manner. Be on time as I start class on time.
If you are absent, you must find out what you missed in class and make up the work in a
timely fashion. It is your responsibility to find out what work you missed. You will need to
see me to make up any quizzes or tests that you miss.
Political Cartoon Interpretations: Current Events
 Students will turn in cartoons every other Monday beginning Sept. 2nd
 Students will attach cartoons from suggested sources to a sheet of
 Students will write a sentence or two describing what the cartoonist is
poking fun at.
 Students will write as much as possible concerning background
information on the issue. This can be anywhere from 1-3 pages in length
depending on the topic.
 Students will close with a brief statement concerning their personal
thoughts on the issue.
 Students will present their cartoon to the class by simply reading what
they wrote. A class discussion will follow.
 I don’t expect every student to have the same opinion about the issues
discussed but I do expect every student to respect the right of every
student to have their opinion.
 If a cartoon is late it will lose a letter grade for each day it is late.
Students have two weeks to get these completed, don’t wait until
Sunday night.
Grading Policy
Each grading period will consist of a number of Chapter tests and quizzes. In addition Political
Cartoons will be averaged in with your final grade along with a group project. The majority of
homework assignments will be reading but there will be some written assignments as well and
they will make up about 15 percent of your final grade. You will also be expected to complete
one group project each nine weeks. If you are interested in extra credit see me at the beginning
of the grading period as I don’t permit it at the last minute.
All work turned into me must be in ink and cursive unless typed.
American History – Mr. Mark Gargiulo
Please sign the form below and return this page only to me. Good luck, and have
a wonderful year in eighth grade American History.
“We have read and discussed the requirements and expectations for this class
and agree to do what is required.”
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