Tornado Safety

Tornado Safety
Pick a home tornado plan
• Pick a spot where family
members can gather if a
tornado is headed your
• Pick a safe and
uncluttered spot on low
• If you are in a high rise
apartment building plan
to meet in a hallway.
Have a disaster kit prepared
Have a first aid kit
Can opener and canned food
Three gallons of water per
person & per day
Protective clothing, and
bedding or sleeping bag
Battery powered radio,
flashlight and extra batteries.
Written instructions on how to
turn off your gas, electricity
and your water.
Stay tuned for storm warnings
Listen to local radio
and television stations
for updates on the
A tornado WATCH
means a tornado is
possible in your area.
A tornado WARNING
means one has been
spotted in your area.
After tornado passes
• Watch out for fallen
power lines.
• Check for damage in
your house.
• Never use candles at
• Use a flashlight.