INDUS TEQUSITE: 4/1/2011-Excel Engg college Namakkal

INDUS TEQUSITE: 4/1/2011-Excel Engg college Namakkal
1. Find the VCE of the circuit given below
2. Find the output voltage of the circuit
3. A battery of internal resistance 2Ω and voltage of 4V
a) What resistance to be connected across it for maximum power at output.
b) What theorem state this .
4. A image has 1024 x 1028 pixels, each pixel is 16bit. What is the memory required to
Store the image.
5. What is the purpose of using diode in the circuit given below?
6. Briefly explain the purpose of D and R in the circuit.
7 .Find VAB from the circuit.
8. State Barkhausan criterion.
9. Realise AND gate using NOR gate.
10.Write some characteristics of Instrumentation amplifier.
11.Which of the following is used for practical application? Why?
12.Construct 4:1 Multiplexer using 2:1
13.Given full scale voltage of an ADC is 4v Vadc=0.25V find the number of bits it can convert.
14.What is the maximum output voltage of an OPAMP if its terminals are short circuited.
Given offsetvoltage=0.89v,CMRR=0.768 & Bandwidth=10000
15. Simplify Z=(X’Y)’+(X’+y)’+(XY’)’+(X+Y’)’