Lab #9 in this note.

Lab #9
Follow the instruction and procedures in the Student Manual, unless specified differently
in this note.
p.187 – 229 in SM
Ch. 4.10 – 4.22 in AE
Lab #9
Although circuit diagrams do not show Pin #4 and 7 connection (DC power), they
should be connected to +/- 12 V.
9-1 Follow the instruction.
(a) Remember that the slew rate is determined by the amplitude and frequency of
a sinusoidal wave.
(b) Use a 741 as the manual suggested. To measure Voffset, connect your input to
GND. You know why. When you estimate the offset voltage (at the input), don’t forget to
account for the gain of your circuit. Minimize the output voltage as described in the
(c) Disconnect the input from GND. Do you see the change in output voltage?
Then you know the potential at the input and can calculate Ibias.
(d) Follow the instruction.
9-2 Follow the instruction.
9-3 Just show that your output signal is indeed differentiated. Ignore all the text in 9-3.
9-4 Skip.
9-5 Follow the instruction.
9-6 Follow the instruction.
9-7 Follow the instruction.