International Encyclopedia of Higher Education Systems and Institutions

International Encyclopedia of Higher Education
Systems and Institutions
Jung Cheol Shin and Pedro Nuno Teixeira (eds.)
“Mass and Elite Higher Education in 21st Century”
Manja Klemenčič (ed.)
University Traditions in Historical Perspective
The German (Humboldtian) university tradition
Robert D. Anderson
The French (Napoleonic) university tradition
Jean-François Condette
The British university traditions
Robert D. Anderson
The African university traditions
N’dri T. Assié-Lumumba
The Asian university traditions
Molly Lee & John Hawkins
The Latin American university traditions
Rodrigo Arocena & Judith Sutz
The Middle-Eastern university traditions
Husam Zaman
The Russian university traditions
Isak Froumin & Yaroslav Kouzminov
The university traditions in the United States
Nathan Sorber
Meanings and Purposes of Higher Education
The Idea of the University: Renewing the Great Tradition
Ronald Barnett
Mass higher education
Peter Scott
Elite higher education
Adam Howard & Jane Kenway
Higher education and the public good
Jon Nixon
Entrepreneurial university
Henry Etzkowitz
Engaged university
Lorraine Mcilrath
Higher education and national development
Nico Cloete
Higher education and democratic citizenship
Pavel Zgaga
Critical Higher Education: Rethinking Higher Education as a Democratic
Public Sphere
Henry Giroux
Higher education for sustainability
Janet Haddock Fraser
Types of Higher Education Systems and Institutions
Types of higher education systems
Peter Maassen & Jens Jungblut
Types and classifications of higher education institutions
Alexander C. McCormick & Victor M. H. Borden
Public higher education
William Zumeta
Private higher education
Daniel C Levy
High participation systems
Anna Smolentseva
Research universities
Catherine Paradeise
Non-university higher education
Svein Kyvik
Community colleges
Eboni Miel Zamani-Gallaher
Alternative, experimental, emerging higher education
Manja Klemenčič
Higher education in knowledge systems
Åse Gornitzka
Higher education and labour markets
Stephen Machin & Gillian Wyness
Diversities, Differentiation, and Segmentation
Diversity and higher education
Jeni Hart & Kimberly Griffin
Stratification in higher education
Eric Grodsky & Christian Smith
Institutional diversity and differentiation
Jeroen Huisman
Horizontal and vertical differentiation
Ulrich Teichler
Higher education market segmentation
Jane Hemsley-Brown
Quality of higher education systems
Ross Williams & Gaétan de Rassenfosse
World-class universities
Jamil Salmi & Philip Altbach
Immigration and higher education
Jamie Merisotis
Refugees and higher education
Georgina Brewis
Social Mobility and Inequalities in Higher Education
Inequality in higher education
Scott Davis & Roger Pizarro
Equity in higher education
Estela Mara Bensimon & Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux
Social mobility and higher education
Vikki Boliver
Affirmative action
Bridget Terry Long
Barriers to choice and access
Bridget Terry Long
Cultural capital and social class in higher education
Rachel Brooks
Gender and higher education
Barbara Read
Race and ethnicity and higher education
Adriana Ruiz Alvarado & Sylvia Hurtado
Widening participation
Penny Jane Burke
Higher Education Expansion
Elite, mass and high participation higher education systems
Simon Marginson
Demography and higher education
Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin
Higher education expansion in Africa and Middle East
Thierry M. Luescher
Higher education expansion in Asia and Pacific
Gerard A. Postiglione
Higher education expansion in BRICs
Isak Froumin & Wang Rong
Higher education expansion in Latin America
Alma Maldonado-Maldonado
Higher education expansion in OECD
Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin
Socio-economic implications of high participation in higher education
Claire Callender
Academics and higher education expansion
Maria Yudkevich
Students and higher education expansion
Manja Klemenčič