Circle Discussion

Circle Discussion
1. Your questions must be ready at the BEGINNING of class. If the work is not
in the lit book, bring your copy of the novel.
2. We will sit in a large circle. I recommend that you don’t sit next to people
who you will be tempted to talk to while others are talking. The discussion
will take the entire class period.
3. This will be a MAJOR GRADE based on the questions you wrote and your
participation. (60/40)
1. Each student should provide at least 4 quality responses; one may be
asking a question. (Quality response means that you add to the discussion
instead of repeating someone else.)
2. When discussion on topic slows, any student may contribute or ask a new
question. BE SURE the class is finished with the first topic before you move
3. TRY NOT TO BE LONG WINDED! Hogging the discussion will result in
points lost. Also, once you have made your four responses, you are full and
must give others a chance to respond. Outgoing people – this means you!
4. Do not wait too long to try to get into the conversation! Shy people – jump in
there and say what you have to say. You must speak at least one time to
pass this major grade activity.
5. I am here only as an observer; direct your comments or questions to the
other students. Be respectful of others who are speaking and DO NOT
communicate with your neighbors – either verbally or by writing notes.
6. Look through the story during the discussion or take additional notes as we
go. This way, when the discussion opens back up to the people who have
been full, you’ll know what you want to say.