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GAMES for beginning year

1. What’s Next? - Have the group sit in a circle. The first
person starts with any word they wish, but just one, such as
“chocolate.” The next person has to add a word that is
associated with that word, such as “chip.” This continues
quickly, with each person adding just one word. Everyone
will end up in laughter!
Bumpity Bump Bump Bump
Just like Whomp’ Em, in this game, everyone but one stands in a
circle. The person in the middle says the name of someone in the
circle followed by “Bumpity bump bump bump.” The person
whose name has been called must say the names of the people
on either side of them. Pick a random word (spaghetti, ribbit,
etc.) that either a facilitator or the person in the middle can shout
out at any moment forcing everyone to move elsewhere on the
circle and learn new names.
Provide notecards and pens for everyone in the group, then have
them write down one or two “If” questions. Examples could
include: “If your house was on fire and you could only save one
possession, which would it be?” “If you had to save ten animals
for Noah’s Ark, which ones would you save?” Shuffle the
notecards while scanning for naughty questions to censor, then
set them in a pile in the middle of the circle. Have everyone pick
a random question from the pile to answer. One way to keep this
more engaging is to have one person pull a question and then
ask anyone else in the circle that question.
Sit Down If
This game is great if you need to keep your audience in a seated
formation. Have everyone stand up. Then proceed with
statements that start with “Sit down if. . . ” The statements can
get pretty silly, such as “Sit down if you’ve ever eaten a bug.”
The last person standing gets some sort of prize or designation.
Seven Word Biographies
Sum up their entire life in seven words. For example, “Born.
Eat. Play. Read. Sleep. Friends. Forever.” This is great for the
group to get to know each other, and also for the teachers to
better understand each Scholar. This is also a good opportunity
for everyone to get to know each other quickly.
Break everyone out into even groups. The facilitator yells out
words that are frequently featured in popular songs. Groups win
a round by singing a song with that word in unison. This game is
sure to be popular with anyone who has watched Pitch
Perfect! If your organization does lots of songs, then this is a
great youth group icebreaker for new members not comfortable
singing yet
Freeze Dance
An oldie but a goodie. Play some funky music and have
everyone dance. When the music stops, the players must too.
Anyone caught moving with no music playing is out! If you
have a lot of new members, add a rule that the person who it out
has to share a story or fact about themselves