2 Grade Bear Cub News Homework:

2nd Grade Bear Cub News
Week of: Sept. 28-Oct. 2
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We are learning:
Math: We will work on problem solving, reviewing money and
time, place value of ones and tens, and adding and
subtracting to 200.
Science: We will finish unit on physical properties of
Social Studies: We will finish our Freedom unit.
Language Arts: We will work on writing our Narratives and
practice our Read to Self, Read to Others, Work on Writing,
Word Work, and Listen to Reading.
Our class will be doing some very fun
activities on Pumpkin Day, October 30th!
1.) Each child is responsible for bringing
a pumpkin to school by the 29th.
The pumpkin can be any size your
child wants as long as they can carry
it into the school on their own. We
will be using these pumpkins on
Pumpkin Day to do a variety of fun
math activities (including carving into
the pumpkins).
2.) Also, please send an orange with your
child by the 29th as well. Thank you
Monday: Practice counting handfuls of coins up
to $1.00. Then draw and find the value of these
coin combinations in your journal:
3 quarters, 1 dime, 4 pennies
2 quarters, 2 dimes, 3 nickels, 1 penny
5 dimes, 5 nickels, 2 pennies
Tuesday: Solve this problem using your
UPSCheck box. To find more
information about how to make a
UPSCheck box, visit this site:
Jamie had 15 cats. She got 12 more. How
many does she have now?
Wednesday: List all the physical properties
of objects that we’ve been studying. Here’s
an example of one: texture
Thursday: Practice your word study words
in your journal. Do your Student of the
Week page for Evan.
Upcoming Events
Sept. 30
Respect - Follow the Golden
Rule and Respect Others
Wear Yellow on the 30th
Oct. 2nd
End of the Six Weeks
Student of
the Week