PUMPKINS (Ages 2-3)

(Ages 2-3)
Fowler, David. It’s Fruit, It’s Vegetable, It’s a Pumpkin. Children’s Press: 1995.
• The book is about different aspects of pumpkins.
Kottke, Jan. From Seed to Pumpkin. Children’s Press: 2000.
• The book describes the growth process of a pumpkin.
Levenson, George. Pumpkin Cicrcle, The Story of a Garden. Photos. by Swhmust
Thalar. Berkeley, CA: Tricycle Press, 1999. (Ages 4-5)
• A poetic storyline describes the life cycle of a pumpkin in rhyme.
Rockwell, Anne. Apples and Pumpkins. Pictures by Lizzy Rockwell. Simon &
Schuster Books for Young Readers: 1989.
• The book is about the use of apples and pumpkins in the fall.
All Lemberg Children’s Center reading lists are compiled by our staff Librarian, Jared Stern.