UPSC Math Problem Solving

Remember to use UPSC
when completing a math problem solving activity.
First, U (Understand) – While reading the word problem, ask yourself, what is this
problem asking me to do? Look for key words to help you. For example, do you see
words such as in all, sum, add, difference, left, altogether, total? Write the
question and include as many details as possible.
(Information)- Re-read through the question and circle important
information to help you solve the problem. You may even cross out unimportant
information. Write the information you will use to solve the problem.
Next, P (Plan) – How are you going to solve this problem? Choose your strategy
that will help you solve your math problem. You may decide to make a chart or
graph. You can draw a picture of the information to help you.
Then S (Solve) – Use the information you need from the question to help you write
a math problem. Show all of your work needed to solve the problem. Then solve
the problem.
(Answer) -Take your answer and put it in the form of a sentence. Look back
at the question in U, restate, and use the information you found in the S to write
your answer. Don’t forget to add important details (Is it a money problem? Use a
dollar sign $ in your answer. Does it ask how many elephants? Use elephants to
label your answer)
Finally, C (Check) – Look back at the problem. If you have an addition problem,
subtract to check. You may need to work a problem backwards, complete a table
using a pattern, or write a sentence to tell what you did to check your work.