Activity B Topic # 5092 CONCERTE AND MASONRY


Activity B Topic # 5092 CONCERTE AND MASONRY Josh Miller Creating Small Concrete Pads Before you go out and pour a large concrete pad it might a good idea to start with a smaller project. One thing that you could do is to pour smaller pads that could be used as landscape blocks or other things. It is important to know how to form concrete and work with it before you take on a large project. Materials:         Ready-mix 2”X4” small sheet of ply-wood Skill saw cement mixer water trowel hammer/nails Procedures: 1.

Decide how big you would like to make your small pads of concrete 2.

Take your 2”X4” and cut them to the size you want you forms. 3.

Fasten your forms together making sure that they are square and flat. 4.

Start mixing your ready-mix in the cement mixer. 5.

Add just enough water to make it workable (A little water goes a long ways) 6.

Once the concrete is mixed place your form on the sheet of ply-wood. 7.

Add the ready-mix to your form so that it is level with the top. 8.

Smooth the top off with a trowel 9.

Make sure there is plenty of cream at the top. 10.

Set to the side and allow to cure.