Quiz 1 KEY Topic # 4352 TYPES OF MARKETING

Quiz 1 KEY
Topic # 4352
Mr. Christensen
1. True
Consumer marketing is directed at the consumer to satisfy their
2. True False In business-to-business marketing goods and services are purchased for
use by the company’s employees.
Define marketing? The task of finding, developing and profiting from
business opportunities by fulfilling customer needs.
6. Under a mass marketing concept One (number) of products are produced to meet
market requirements.
7. Target Marketing groups consumers (market segments) groups consumers with
similar needs.
8. True False Customer –level marketing provides customized products through
computers, data bases and flexible manufacturing.
9-10. A consumer first becomes aware of a product, becomes interested, evaluates the
product, if possible they try it and then they decide to do what Buys or Rejects
the product.
11. True False Laggards are really lazy people?
12. The first people to buy a new product are called Innovators.
13. In business to business marketing purchases are based on how they affect the
companies Profits.
14. Companies have to have a Problem before they purchase.
15.Companies always look for Alterative solutions as part of the buying process.
16. Marketing to the government often has red tape associated with special
rules/reporting requirements and they may choose the lowest bidder.