Quiz 1 Topic # 4352 TYPES OF MARKETING

Quiz 1
Topic # 4352
Mr. Christensen
1. True
Consumer marketing is directed at the consumer to satisfy their
2. True False In business-to-business marketing goods and services are purchased for
use by the company’s employees.
3-5. Define marketing?
6. Under a mass marketing concept _________ (number) of products are produced to
meet market requirements.
7. _____________________ _______________________ groups consumers (market
segments) groups consumers with similar needs.
8. True False Customer –level marketing provides customized products through
computers, databases and flexible manufacturing.
9-10. A consumer first becomes aware of a product, becomes interested, evaluates the
product, if possible they try it and then they decide to do what ___________ or
11. True False Laggards are really lazy people?
12. The first people to buy a new product are called ___________________________.
13. In business to business marketing purchases are based on how they affect the
companies ___________________________.
14. Companies have to have a ________________ before they purchase.
15.Companies always look for _________________ solutions as part of the buying
16. Marketing to the government often has red tape associated with special
_______________and they may choose the _________________ bidder.