The sentinel has a unique opportunity as an officer to help many FFA members
be successful. Through the sentinel, members can share new ideas, discuss concerns,
find resources and communicate with other officers.
One way to do this is to create a sentinel communication station. This is a
place where members can leave you questions and concerns on which they would like
you to act. For instance if a member needs help finding out about a leadership
contest, they could go to the communication station and leave a note with their
question on it. The sentinel could then do research about the contest by getting
information off the internet or talking to the advisor. That information can then be
relayed back to the member.
The sentinel communication station should be set up in an easily accessible
location. At the station the sentinel should have communication form that the
member can fill out and an envelope or drop box in which the form can be deposited.
It is important that this method of communication be shared with all FFA
members and officers early on in the year. Establishing a protocol for communication
will keep members’ ideas, concerns and needs from getting lost in the shuffle.
Take a minute to answer the following questions:
Where will I establish my sentinel communication station?
How will I inform members of this protocol?
What sort of system will I use to take action on the item in a timely manner?