Critics of the New Deal

Critics of the New Deal
VIII. Critics of the New Deal
A. Opposition to the New Deal
- Some critics thought the New Deal __________________.
1. Socialism?
- Some saw the __________________as socialistic
- Thought the __________________had gotten to _____________
2. Financial Concerns
- Some believed the New Deal programs would __________________ the country
3. Roosevelt a Dictator?
- The conservative __________________thought the powers of the presidency had
gotten too large
- They thought Roosevelt was becoming a __________________
4. Supreme Court – Parts of the __________________NIRA and the __________________
were found to be unconstitutional.
– FDR tried to ________________the Supreme Court by adding six more
justices. __________________ didn’t go for the plan.
B. New Deal not Enough
– Other critics thought the New Deal did not __________________
• ____________________________________– Wanted FDR to do more for the
__________________ people in the country.
1. Nationalization of American Resources
– Father Charles E. __________________ (Catholic Priest)
– He called for the __________________of American wealth and resources
• All businesses and all wealth __________________by the
– Used his weekly radio show to promote these ideas
2. Huey Long
– Louisiana Senator
– Called for a more equal _________________________________in America
– Proposed a “__________________________________” program
• Every family would receive ______________income a year
• Would be paid for by ________________on the __________
– Long was __________________in 1935
IX. The Election of 1936
A. Republican Party
1. Presidential Candidate
– Alfred M. __________________ (Governor of Kansas)
2. Republican Support
– Most of their support came from the __________________community
– Problems with labor __________________, the continuing depression, and
__________________opposition to the New Deal also helped the Republicans
B. Democratic Party
1. Presidential Candidate
– Franklin D. Roosevelt
2. Democratic Message
– Roosevelt said the Republicans had given the Americans:
1. “____________________________________at the [stock market] ticker
and __________________ long years in the __________________.”
3. Democratic Support
– A __________________ of Americans supported Roosevelt
– Richard Wright wrote:
“Where I come from, they’re all singing
‘Roosevelt! You’re my man!
When the times come
I ain’t got a cent,
You buy my groceries
And pay my rent.
Mr. Roosevelt, you’re my man.’ ”
C. Outcome
– Roosevelt won an even __________________than in 1932
– Roosevelt: __________________ Electoral Votes
– Landon: __________________ Electoral Votes
X. Evaluating the New Deal
A. The New Deal Revolution
– __________________ many aspects of __________________
– __________________the Role of the Federal Government
– Increased the __________________and role of the __________________
B. Did the New Deal end the Great Depression?
1. Maybe Yes
– New Deal programs __________________a total economic and political collapse of
the US
– It __________________agencies and programs to help __________________future
2. Maybe No
– It never brought ____________________________________
– The US suffered another small __________________in 1937-1938