Social Change

Thomas Visalli
April 2010
The beginning of the 20th Century marked a time
of great change in the way of life for Americans,
as there was much political change, such as new
imperialism and the Progressive movement,
social change, as progressives called for more
rights and people started to care about what
happened in other parts of the world, and
economic change as the power of big business
and monopolies were challenged for the first
time in U.S. history.
Major Political Leaders
Following William McKinely’s death in 1901,
Theodore Roosevelt took over, as President
Foraker Act
Open Door Notes
Great White Fleet
Panama Canal
Roosevelt Corollary
Socialist Party
Settlement House Movement
The 1st Motion Pictures
Sensationalism/Yellow Journalism
Fight for Black Rights
• NAACP (1909)
• Booker T Washington
• W.E.B. Dubois
The Radio/ Telegraph
Trust Buster’s
Social Reforms
• Referendum/Initiative/ recall
Assembly Line Productions
• Model T (1908)/ Henry Ford
Pure Food and Drug Act
• Government Regulation of food companies
Panic of 1907
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