Critics of the New Deal


Critics of the New Deal

VIII. Critics of the New



Opposition to the New Deal

Some critics thought the New Deal went too far.

1. Socialism?

Some saw the New Deal as socialistic

Thought the federal government had gotten to large

2. Financial Concerns

Some believed the New Deal programs would bankrupt the country

3. Roosevelt a Dictator?

The conservative

Liberty League thought the powers of the presidency had gotten too large

They thought

Roosevelt was becoming a dictator


Supreme Court – Parts of the NIRA and the

AAA were found to be unconstitutional.

FDR tried to change the Supreme Court by adding six more justices. Congress didn’t go for the plan.

B. New Deal not Enough

Other critics thought the New Deal did not go far enough

Dr. Francis Townsend – Wanted FDR to do more for the older people in the country.

1. Nationalization of American Resources

Father Charles E. Coughlin (Catholic Priest)

He called for the Nationalization of American wealth and resources

All businesses and all wealth controlled by the government

Used his weekly radio show to promote these ideas

2. Huey Long

Louisiana Senator

Called for a more equal distribution of wealth in


Proposed a “Share the

Wealth” program

Every family would receive

$2,500 income a year

Would be paid for by higher taxes on the


Long was assassinated in


IX. The Election of 1936

A. Republican Party

1. Presidential


Alfred M. Landon

(Governor of


2. Republican Support

Most of their support came from the business community

Problems with labor unrest, the continuing depression, and Supreme Court opposition to the New Deal also helped the Republicans

B. Democratic Party

1. Presidential Candidate

Franklin D. Roosevelt

2. Democratic Message

Roosevelt said the

Republicans had given the Americans:

“Nine crazy years at the [stock market] ticker and three long years in the breadlines.”

3. Democratic Support

A majority of Americans supported Roosevelt

Richard Wright wrote:

Where I come from, they’re all singing

‘Roosevelt! You’re my man!

When the times come

I ain’t got a cent,

You buy my groceries

And pay my rent.

Mr. Roosevelt, you’re my man.’

C. Outcome

Roosevelt won an even bigger victory than in


Roosevelt: 523 Electoral Votes

Landon: 8 Electoral Votes

X. Evaluating the New Deal

A. The New Deal Revolution

Changed many aspects of American life

Expanded the Role of the Federal Government

Increased the power and role of the President

B. Did the New Deal end the Great Depression?

1. Maybe Yes

New Deal programs prevented a total economic and political collapse of the US

It created agencies and programs to help prevent future depressions

2. Maybe No

It never brought full economic recovery

The US suffered another small depression in