Name _____________________________ Period _________ Science

Name _____________________________
Period _________
Variable – something that changes
Independent Variable – variable that causes another to change
Dependent Variable – variable that is changed by the independent variable
Instructions: Underline the independent variable and circle the dependent variable in
each sentence below.
1. Does the temperature of air affect the number of airplane crashes?
2. Is there a connection between the number of thunderstorms and the month of
the year?
3. Are the numbers of student misbehaviors affected by the temperature of the
4. Is there a connection between the number of lives lost and the strength of the
5. Which season of the year has the greatest number of tornadoes?
6. Is there a connection between the time of day and the number of earthquakes?
7. Can releasing more water from the dam reduce damage caused by floods?
8. Does the Earth’s distance from Haley’s Comet affect the frequency of
9. Does time on task affect grades?
10. Is there a relationship between athletes playing time and practice time?