Product explanation for Hazards...Ho!

Product explanation for Hazards...Ho!
Product: Your task is to write a Risk Assessment Report to investors, with
accompanying map. The report will offer the best place to build a housing complex on the
Big Island of Hawaii.
Product steps:
__ 1. Locate the Risk Assessment Report with the map of the Big Island
of Hawai‘i.
__ 2. Identify locations on the map where the following has occurred:
lava flow from volcanoes
tsunamis (optional)
__ 3. Mark your map with the specific risks and their locations
(Remember: do not mark every earthquake, just areas that had big
earthquakes or frequent earthquakes).
__ 4. Identify the best place to build a housing complex and mark your
map AND write name of location in your report (Part 1).
__ 5. Write (using a computer or by hand) Part 1 & Part 2 to investors
and explain the location you chose and why it is the best location.
__ 6. Review rubric before submitting Risk Assessment Report
__ 7. Ask someone to proof read your Report.
__ 8. Submit Report on time