Question bank

Question bank
Marketing management
1. Define marketing management in present content
2. Distinguish between marketing and selling as the basis of (a) meaning
(b) objective and (c) scope
3. Explain the factors affecting pricing of product.
4. Explain any six facilitating functions of Marketing.
5. Define promotion mix.
6. . How personal selling is important to (a) business men (b) Customer and
(c) Society
7. What is marketing mix? Explain different elements (or components) of
marketing mix
8. Explain the various Channels of distribution
9. . State briefly the objectives of Advertising
10. What does physical distribution mean? Explain four important decision
areas in management of physical distribution
11. Distinguish between advertising and personal selling
12. What is the function of Packaging.
13. What product concept
Tata Steel Ltd. wants to promote its sales in the market. Suggest any
three sales Promotion techniques for the purpose.
15. Explain the term Branding.
Explain the factors to be considered in the Pricing decision
17. Explain Objectives, Cost and Competition as factors determining the
price of a Product.
18. Marketing and selling are synonymous terms. Do you agree? Give
19. Marketing is much more than selling. Comment.
20. A toy car is free with noodles is the example of one promotional
teqnique. Name the teqnique and explain two techniques with examples.
21. You have invented a device for killing mosquitoes. Suggest two ways to
promote it in the market.
22. You are advertising manager of organization producing refined oil.
Which media will you choose to advertise your product and why?
23. Explain the functions of marketing.
24. Are the critics really justified in raising objections to advertising?
25. Explain the importance of personal selling.
26. State any four advantages of branding.
27. What are the major activities involved in physical distribution of goods.
28. Explain the role of marketing in Indian economy.
29. Explain three functions of labeling.
30. Explain the functions of packing.