The Creation Stories (Genesis Chapters 1-3)

The Creation Stories (Genesis Chapters 1-3)
Directions: In your Bible, read the first two creation stories which are right in the very beginning
of the Bible in the first book called Genesis, Chapters 1-3. Use the stories to answer the 6
Questions in your notebook.
1) In the first creation story, how were human beings created differently from the rest of God’s
2) How was the creation of man different in the second creation story than in the first?
3) Why do Adam and Eve choose to give in to the temptation of the serpent?
4) In the second creation story how is God pictured or described in ways that are different than
what the Catholic Church teaches about what God is actually like?
5) What was the punishment that God gave to Adam and Eve?
6) What was the sin or wrong choice that Adam and Eve made? Why was this so upsetting to
God in the story?