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genesis passport

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Genesis passport
God who is alone in the eternal darkness known as the void separates the light from the
darkness. God then named the light day and the darkness night. God separated the earth,
water and sky from each other. By creating a dome like structure that kept the water
above from leaking into the world below
God made the earth bountiful. God blessed the land with vegetation and animals in the
land, air and sky that could multiply provide for each other.
Humans created in gods image
o Humans don’t have same physical traits-we don’t know what god looks like
however it is known that we share some of his characteristics, mostly our moral
compass and empathy.
God gives the first man/ Adam dominion over the garden of Eden and tells him that he
may eat everything except the fruit from the tree of knowledge. The man is lonely with
animals for company, so god makes him Eve
The woman Eve is tricked by the serpent and eats the fruit of knowledge. She then gets
Adam to eat the fruit as well. Aware that they are now naked due to the knowledge of the
fruit they hide from God. God finds them and punishes them by sending them out of
Eden for eternity
Key points
God divides the light from the dark and creates the universe from nothing with his
powers. Creates the earth and all life on it: vegetation, birds, land animals, sea
creatures, humans, etc.
God creates the first man Adam and gives him all that he could ask for but tells him
not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Tricked by the serpent Adam and Eve eat the
fruit and are banned from the garden of Eden.
Inquiry questions
Why is the serpent looked at as bad for giving humans knowledge? Specifically, would
God not want the humans he created to be as intellectual as possible?
By saying created in “our” image does it imply that maybe there was other beings with
God from the beginning of time such as angels or other supreme beings?