Morality Vocabulary Review Sheet Mrs. Gambino Morality: "Knowing what should be done"

Morality Vocabulary Review Sheet
Mrs. Gambino
Morality: "Knowing what should be done"
Character: Who we really are, who we are becoming through our
choices and actions
Virtues: Healthy, good habits that help us to do good and empower us
to become what God wants us to be.
 Theological Virtues: Symbolize the Blessed Trinity
 1. Faith: Belief in God and God’s promises
 2. Hope: Responds to our desire for pure and eternal happiness
and keeps us from being discouraged during times of loneliness
and despair.
 Taking a positive view that good will prevail
 3. Love: The greatest of all virtues and is also called charity.
 Concern for and helping others
Cardinal Virtues: Support for moral living
1. Prudence: Associated with wisdom or common sense.
Guides a good conscience.
Misinterpreted as an insult, but a beautiful compliment!!!
2. Justice: Consists in a person’s constant will to treat one’s
neighbors fairly.
3. Fortitude: Associated with courage to handle difficult
Strength to never giving up
4. Temperance: Moderates the attraction of pleasure.
Striving for balance in life
Conversion: A call to repentance and returning to God after sin.
 Changing our lives by learning from mistakes
Conscience: Practical judgment of reason that helps a person make a decision
Piety: Reverence
Common Good: Conditions that allow all people to reach fulfillment.
Dignity: Being worthy of respect because we are created in God’s image
Solidarity: Uniting in social charity and friendship
Self Esteem: guides our decision making process
The three elements of a decision:
The moral object:
 The “what” or the matter of the human action
 The most important aspect
 What you must do to follow the Ten Commandments
The intention:
 The “why” a person is acting
 Does not justify the means
 Motivation
The circumstances:
 Involves where, when and how the action takes place
 Can increase or decrease the moral goodness of an act
 Consequences
"The art of acting morally is acting as if everything we say and do matters"
"If you believe, then you can achieve & succeed"
always remember: "people were created to be loved; objects were made to be used;
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that."
St Francis: “preach often and if necessary use words”
Actions should reflect what you believe in