Virtues and Vices Virtues Vices

Virtues and Vices
Virtues are good qualities that help us to become better human beings and grow closer to God.
It is a firm attitude and disposition that guides us to do good.
Vices are bad qualities that or habit that causes us to become worse human beings and be
separated from God.
Both virtues and vices are habits, which are patterns of behavior and ways of living. They often
take time to develop.
The Church teaches that there are 7 virtues that truly stand out and grow closer to God. They
are in two different categories.
Theological Virtues - 3 most important
The Church teaches that these 3 virtues are most important of all. They are faith, hope and love
Faith - A person's relationship with God.
Hope - Being able to see the good in others and in the world, not giving up in any situation, and
knowing that God is with you through all things.
Love (Charity) - Self gift, being able freely care for others without seeking anything in return.
Cardinal Virtues - secondary virtues
Secondary virtues that also help us to be better human beings.
Wisdom (prudence) - Understanding, learning from experience, and being able to determine
right from wrong in situations.
Justice - Doing the right thing, fairness, helping people with needs.
Courage (Fortitude) - The inner strength to face fears and challenges.
Temperance - Having moderation and balance in life; also relates to self-discipline and not
giving in to temptation.
Capital Vices (Seven Deadly Sins)
These negative qualities cause people to make immoral choices and distance themselves from
God. They are seen to be the basis and cause of much sin.
Pride - Having an excessively high opinion of oneself so that others are seen to be inferior and
the person has no weakness or needs no help from others or even God.
Jealousy (Envy) - The feeling of negativity shown orders because of something they possess or
an accomplishment they have attained. It results in the inability to feel joy for the goodness of
Greed - The strong desire to acquire more possessions and to keep things for oneself often
causing a person to overvalue materials.
Lust - Having strong sexual desires in a negative way that causes a person to treat others as if
they are objects and not human beings.
Gluttony - Doing something to excess so that it becomes unhealthy, often associated with food,
drink, or substance usage.
Anger (Wrath) - When a person's sense of displeasure or hostility cause them to be hurtful,
often in seeking revenge.
Laziness (Sloth) - The unwillingness to take care of a responsibility or participate in a good
work because of the effort sacrifice involved.