What to know for the Morality/Introduction Exam

What to know for the Morality/Introduction Exam
1. You should know the definitions to the following terms:
*Sin (Original vs. Personal) (Mortal vs. Venial)
*Virtue vs. Vice
*Natural Law
*Free Will
*Theological Virtues (definitions of each)
*Cardinal Virtues (definitions of each)
2. You need to be able to explain the following concepts that have been discussed in class:
* How are we supposed to read the Bible? (What were the two ways we discussed?)
* How do you properly cite a Biblical Verse? (refer to your Bible Activity Worksheet)
* What is the structure and order of the Bible? (Section names, #of Books, etc.)
* What do we learn from each of the creation stories?
 How many stories did we look at? What is the command God gave to man and woman? What did
they do? What are the religious truths that we learn from both stories? Why did God create us? What
commandment did we discuss? What sacrament did we discuss? What characteristics did God create us with?
*Morality of an act: Object, Intention, Circumstances
 What questions do we ask for each of the steps? What do they mean?
*STOP Sign Method (know what each step stands for what do they mean?)