Class Guidelines and Parent Letter Mr. Jacob Holle Law Enforcement 2

Class Guidelines and Parent Letter
Mr. Jacob Holle
Law Enforcement 2
Fall 2015
Room: C-06
Planning Period: 7th Hour
Phone Number: 794-4100 ext. 32306
Email Address: [email protected]
*My website: –Check this each day for what was done in class.
*Remind101 Phone Number: Send a text to 81010 with the message @ghslaw2
Goddard High Web Address:
Welcome to class! I look forward to a great semester. This sheet should give you a better idea of what to expect
in this class. Please read it over carefully and have a parent read and sign the attached letter. Keep this sheet of paper in
your notebook as a reference.
Law Enforcement 2 will continue many of the concepts discussed in Law Enforcement 1. You will be introduced
to the legal system, criminal law and juvenile justice, individual rights and liberties, and work on communication,
technology, and career development skills. You will also help with the SAFE program and participate in SkillsUSA. One
focus of the class will be on careers in this field. In addition, guest speakers and field trips will be utilized to teach
students about their future career options. You will get the opportunity to attempt some hands on learning of the skills
needed by law enforcement. If you know anyone in a law enforcement related job, you could get extra credit for
giving me their contact information if they agree to be a guest speaker.
WATC Concurrent Enrollment:
Students in this course will be eligible for dual credit through Wichita Area Technical College starting in
January. WATC admission requirements must be met in addition to the following pre-requisites:
1. Earned A or B grade from the previous fall semester
2. Earned C grade with instructor approval
3. No more than 8 absences in the class (not including absences for school related reasons)
The grading scale is set by GHS and can be found in your student handbook/agenda. Your grade will be based on guest
speakers, tests, projects, quizzes, daily assignments, and participation. These are not weighted grades. “A point is a point.” A positive
attitude and class participation could help a border line grade.
*Come to class, pay attention, complete your assignments, and you should do well in class.
What to bring to class:
Bring the following materials to class on time every day.
16-20 Thank You Cards (to give to the guest speakers). You can get for about $2 at the Dollar Store.
Electronic device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. (something that can connect to the Internet)
Three Ring Binder with paper – Class Notebook (Keep everything from this class in ONE notebook)
Textbook: we will most likely have a class set available and a few extras that you can check out from the library
Assignment (if one is due)
I will follow the GHS tardy policy. Please be in your seat ready to go when the bell rings.
Tardy 1: Warning given by teacher
Tardy 2: Teacher contacts parent
Tardy 3: Assigned 30 minute detention before or after school – must serve within specified time
Tardy 4+: Office Referral
I expect 9-12 graders to behave in class and to follow instructions for one class period.
Do not interrupt when the teacher is instructing the entire class.
Follow the teacher’s instructions at all times.
Keep your discussions in class related to class.
No putting down others, yourself, or me.
Electronic devices should only be used when approved/required.
Bottled water is encouraged. Healthy snacks may be allowed with permission. I don’t want any pop/soda in class.
You must have your student handbook signed to leave the classroom (bathroom, drink, etc.). Do not abuse hallway privileges.
Late Work:
All assignments must be turned in when they are due. Full credit for late work will not be given.
Assignment one day late = ¾ credit
Assignment two days late = ½ credit
Assignment three or more days late = ½ credit or less
There might be exceptions to the above late work guidelines, depending on the circumstances (projects, IEP, etc.)
The key is to communicate with me if you have legitimate reasons for having late work.
*You will always get partial credit for turning in an assignment!!
Make-up Work:
For excused absences only.
** CHECK MY WEBSITE!!! I update it daily with what we did in class. If you miss, you need to check
this. I will try to update by at least 3:30 PM each day. **
You are responsible for picking up your assignment when you have missed class. Look in the file cabinet in the
front corner of my room for extra copies of assignments.
You will have the same number of days absent to make up the work (1 day missed = 1 day to make up the work).
Make arrangements to pick up work or get help before or after school with me.
Tests, quizzes, and projects must be made up within a reasonable amount of time if you want full credit.
Discipline Plan:
I expect you to be able to behave and learn in my classroom. If you choose to misbehave, a typical sequence of
consequences is:
Verbal/Nonverbal warning and/or subtraction of participation points
Short conference with student, parent contact, and/or subtraction of participation points
Detention – before or after school (teacher’s convenience) and parent contact
Office referral, conference with administrator, and parent contact
Severe problems or repeated problems will result in an office referral.
About Your Teacher:
I grew up in Bremen, KS and graduated from Marysville High School in 1996.
I taught 3 years at Emporia Middle School and am in my 12th year at GHS.
I am the Social Studies Department head, Senior Class Sponsor, SkillsUSA sponsor, and Driver Education
I help coordinate high school foreign exchange students to come study for a school year in a U.S. high school.
Let me know if your family would be interested in hosting a student.
I earned my Master’s Degree in Teaching Social Studies in 2009.
I have a 4 year old son and a 2 old daughter with my wife.
We have a 9 pound Havanese dog that is somewhat unusual.
My favorite sports teams are: Wichita State, K.C. Chiefs, and K.C. Royals. I am a fantasy football nerd.
Let’s Have a Great Year:
I look forward to working with you this year. Anytime you’re worried about your grade or anything else, don’t
hesitate to ask for help. I am excited to get the semester started and to get to know you. Please come and talk to me if
you are unsure of any of my expectations, or if you just want to chat. Good luck and let's have a great semester!
Turn this sheet in during the last week of class for possible extra credit. Periodically, I might ask to see this sheet as an easy participation grade. Have it with
you every day in class in your notebook.