Policy, Procedures, & Grading

Policy and Procedures
Art Room
Goddard High School
Melanie Huffman-Instructor
 Follow the rules of GHS.
 Be in your seat when the bell rings. Those who are not will be considered
 Work at your assigned seat.
 No food or drink in class. Water bottles with lids are okay.
 Electronic devices after instruction with permission only.
 Always use common sense and courtesy.
 Respect others and their work. Anyone found damaging another student’s
artwork would receive a zero on that project.
 Care for supplies and equipment. Use economically and safely.
 Do not disrupt instructional time (sharpening pencils, searching for supplies,
being out of your seat, etc.).
 Stay on task with ART activities at all times; this is not a study hall.
 Use only the materials checked out to YOU, or those that you have
permission to use from the instructor.
 Take an active role in keeping the room clean and neat.
 Do not throw things, swear, use put-downs, or speak in a loud voice.
 Keep your hands, feet, and body to yourself.
Student Signature
Parent Signature
Supplies Needed
Intro to Drawing, Drawing I Principles of Illustration
 Sketchbook, 9 x 12”, spiral bound, 50-100 pages
 Eraser
 No. 2 Pencil, (set of pencils i.e. 4B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H for Drawing
 Ultra Fine Black Sharpie-(2)
Painting I & II
No. 2 Pencil
2 large ziplock bags
2 plastic bowls with lids
Canvas board 16 x 20” or larger
Stretched Canvas 16 x 20” or larger
Set of brushes
Set of Prang or Crayola watercolor paints
Essentials of Interior & Textile Design
 Pencil
 Eraser
 Foam Core Board
 Old wooden chair, life-size
 Miscellaneous supplies as needed
 Old pair of shoes
Teaching as a Career
 3-ring notebook
 Pencil
 Jump Drive
Photo Imaging
 3-ring notebook
 Camera if possible
 SD Card
 Jump Drive
Grading Method
Cumulative Points
A=90-100% B=80-89% C=70-79% D= 60-69% F=0-59%
Studio Assignments =
Written Assignments=
Bell Work=
Participation & Clean up= 10%
 Evaluation of each studio project will be based on meeting the
specific art objectives of the assigned lesson.
 Artwork with content deemed by the teacher to be offensive
will not be accepted or displayed.
 Due dates will be observed. Unexcused late work will not be
accepted without instructor consent and may result in the
reduction of points. Students are allowed one day to make-up
work for each day of school missed due to an excused
 Extra credit work may be earned only if all course work is
 Extra credit will comprise no more than 5% of a student’s
 Grades are based on 10 points per day x number of days
(average) for class completion.