A5 Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual) Correlation with EL Civics

Monolingual Oxford Picture Dictionary (Second Edition) Correlation
with EL Civics
Page 4 – Personal Information, including a school registration form with this
vocabulary: name; first name; middle initial; last name; address; apartment
number; city; state; ZIP code; area code; phone number; cell phone number; date
of birth (DOB); place of birth; (social security number is there (but shouldn’t be
requested, I think); sex; male; female; signature
Page 5 – School
quad; field; bleachers; principal; assistant principal; counselor; classroom;
teacher; restrooms; hallway; locker; main office; clerk; cafeteria; computer lab;
teacher’s aide; library; auditorium; gym; coach; track
Page 6 – 7 A Classroom
chalkboard; screen; whiteboard; teacher / instructor; LCD projector; desk;
headphones; clock; bookcase; chair; map; alphabet; bulletin board; computer;
overhead projector; dry erase marker; chalk; eraser; pencil; (pencil) eraser; pen;
pencil sharpener; marker; textbook; workbook; 3-ring binder / notenook;
notebook paper; spiral notebook; dictionary; picture dictionary;
Raise your hand; Talk to the teacher; Listen to a CD; Stand up; Write on the
board; Sit down / Take a seat; Open your book; Close your book; Pick up the
pencil; Put down the pencil ; Describe the classroom
Page 8 – 9 – Studying
Page 10 – Succeeding in School
Page 11 – A Day at School
Page 188 – 189 – Schools and Subjects
preschool / nursery school; elementary school; middle school/junior high school;
vocational school/ technical school; community college; college / university;
adult school; language arts; math; science; history; world languages; ESL / ESOL;
arts; music; physical education
SBCC EL Civics / Education / Spring 2015
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