Dixie College

Dixie State
The following courses at Dixie State will best fulfill the prerequisites for application to the
Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT) Program at Eastern Washington University. For
individual questions, please contact Debra Dickerson at (509)368-6601, or via email at
[email protected]
Lower Division Anatomy:
BIOL 2320 and 2325 Human Anatomy and Lab
Lower Division Physiology:
BIOL 2420 and 2425 Human Physiology and Lab
Upper Division Physiology
BIOL 4500 and 4505 Comparative Vertebrae Physiology and Lab
Upper Division Biology Course – Any upper division Biology/Zoology course related to
Vertebrates (examples below)
BIOL 3140 and 3145 Comparative Vertebrae Anatomy and Lab
BIOL 3450 and 3455 General Microbiology and Lab
CHEM 1210 and 1215 Principles of Chemistry I with Lab
CHEM 1220 and 1255 Principles of Chemistry II with Lab
PHYS 2010 and 2015 College Physics I
PHYS 2020 and 2025 College Physics II
Behavioral Science
Any two courses in behavioral science including psychology, sociology and anthropology.
Statistics, any ONE course suggestions listed below
Math 1040- Introduction to Statistics
STAT 2040 Business Statistics