San Diego State University

Eastern Washington University Doctor of Physical Therapy Prerequisite Coursework
The following courses are suggested for fulfillment of the designated prerequisite coursework for
application to the Eastern Washington University Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Program.
This is not a complete list, and other courses may also fulfill the prerequisites. In some cases,
prerequisites have been modified so that they may be fulfilled with SDSU courses. If you have a
question about fulfillment of our prerequisites please contact Debra Dickerson, at (509) 3686601 or email: [email protected] Thank you.
Biology (4 courses)
Lower Division Anatomy – BIOL 212
Lower Division Physiology – Human Physiology BIOL 336 and Human Physiology Lab BIOL
Upper division Biology course may be satisfied by one of the following ENS courses:
306 - Biomechanics and Human Movement
307 – Motor Learning and Performance
Upper division physiology – ENS 304 – Physiology of Exercise and ENS 304L – Lab
Chemistry (1 year)
CHEM 200 and 201 – General chemistry (labs included)
Physics ( 1 year)
180A and 180 B – Fundamentals of Physics WITH 182A and 182B (labs)
Behavioral Science
Any two courses in behavioral science including psychology, sociology or anthropology.
Any course in statistics is acceptable. One of these below is acceptable:
BIOL 215 – Quantitative biology
ECON 201 – Statistical methods
PSYCH 270 – Statistical methods in psychology
SOC 201 – Elem. Social Statistics
STAT 119 – Elementary Business Statistics
Please note that some courses may have prerequisites or co-requisites. Check the SDSU Catalog
for this information