Lower Columbia Community College

Lower Columbia College
The following courses at Lower Columbia College will best fulfill the prerequisites for
application to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT) Program at Eastern Washington
University. For individual questions, please contact Debra Dickerson at (509)368-6601, or via
email at [email protected]
Lower Division Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 241 and BIOL 242
Upper Division Physiology
Take at a four year college or university
Upper Division Biology Course – Any upper division Biology/Zoology course related to
Vertebrates (examples below)
Take at a four year college or university
General Chemistry with Lab 161, 162, 163
Introductory Physics with Lab 101, 102, 103
Behavioral Science
Any two courses in the behavioral sciences including psychology, sociology and anthropology
Math 210- Elements of Statistics