San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University
The following courses at the Sand Francisco State University will fulfill the prerequisites for application
to the DPT Program at Eastern Washington University. However, there may be other courses that are
also acceptable for the prerequisites. For individual questions, please contact Debra Dickerson (509)
368-6601 or [email protected]
Updated 10/3/07
Lower Division Anatomy:
BIOL 328 or BIOL 329 Human Anatomy
Upper Division Biology
One course, examples below:
BIOL 210/211 General Microbiology and Public Health/Lab
BIOL 380 Comparative Embryology
BIOL 382 Developmental Biology
BIOL 401/402 General Microbiology/Lab
BIOL 430/431 Medical Microbiology/Lab
BIOL 492 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
Lower Division Physiology:
BIOL 331 Physiology of Aging
Upper Division Physiology
KIN 482/483 Exercise Physiology /Laboratory
CHEM 115 General Chemistry I: Essential Concepts of Chemistry
CHEM 215/216 General Chemistry II: Quantitative Application of Chemistry Concepts/Lab
PHYS 111/112 General Physics I/Lab
PHYS 121/122 General Physics II/Lab
Behavioral Science
Any two courses in behavioral science including psychology, sociology and anthropology
Any course in statistics, such as
Math 124