MINUTES University Technology Committee November 9, 2009


MINUTES University Technology Committee November 9, 2009

Members Present: David Jaffee - Co-Chair Scott Bennett Michael Biagini Katharine Brown Terry Cavanaugh Richard Crosby David Fenner Faith Hall Michael Kucsak Deb Miller Marianne Roberts Barbara Tuck Tom Van Schoor Bobby Waldrup Others Present: Jeff Durfee Kathy Hughes Joe Lynch Fred Sudler Co-Chairman David Jaffee called the meeting to order at 10:00am

Approval of Minutes:

 September 14, 2009 - Minutes approved with no corrections as they were deferred to this meeting for approval because there wasn't a quorum at the October Meeting.


 None

Report: Distance Learning Committee - (Miller)

    DLC met on October 23rd The DLC has been looking at data pertaining to the growth of distance learning courses at UNF since 2005 and how that compares to other SUS institutions. The committee is planning a survey for department chairs to gather information about future growth and resource needs. Survey is planned to be sent out early next year. There was a staffing recommendation brought by Deb Miller for two additional positions to be added to CIRT to support the current and growing number of on-line courses, which was approved by the committee and forwarded to Academic Affairs. Next meeting has not been scheduled but plans are to discuss DL ISQ response rates and Florida DL Task Force Critical State Policy Recommendations, including definitions for DL and hybrid courses.

Report: Blackboard - (Miller)

   Users should keep an eye on the blog for updates on resolved issues: http//unfbb.blogspot.com/ The Math & Chemistry departments are working on moving their placement tests into Blackboard. During the swine flu pandemic, department chairs and secretaries will have streamlined access to set up Blackboard courses on behalf of ill faculty for the purpose of posting information

concerning courses- closing/canceling/alternative assignments and instructions. That information will be distributed via Academic Affairs.

Report: Campus Technology Committee (Cavanaugh)

  There is interest in having labs that can be used as testing centers (Land School) with restricted Internet use. There is a need for a PDF version of the Course Catalog that can be used for accreditation purposes and can be printed by individual colleges.

Report: GOT - no report Report: IT Security Action Team - no report Report: Internet Presence Committee (Bennett)

   Administration & Finance went live in CMS in November President's Website will be the next to migrate, then on to Academic Affairs with Marianne Jaffee outlining the migration schedule for the division CMS has a website that tracks the progress of the migrating sites and contains valuable information regarding the CMS process and guidelines for websites.

New Business: NONE

Meeting adjourned at 10:20am. The next meeting of the University Technology Committee is scheduled for Monday, December 14, 2009 at 10:00am in the Mathews Building/Room 1104.