Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine
Criminal Practice:
Criminal Law and Juvenile Law
Purposes of Criminal Law
• Deterrence
• Rehabilitation
• Incapacitation
• Retribution
Elements of a Crime
Mens Rea: the mental element of a crime;
sometimes called the “guilty mind”
a purposeful act
a knowing act
a reckless act
a negligent act
The Prosecution must prove mens rea.
Elements of a Crime
Actus Reus: The physical element of a
crime; the guilty act or the physical aspect of
the crime.
In most cases, an act is a volitional physical
act. This action must be voluntary.
Crime: Homicide
Homicide: the taking of the life a
human being by another
First Degree Murder
Second Degree Murder
Elements of Battery
1. a reckless or intentional touching
2. of another person
3. that is harmful or offensive
Prosecution of Juvenile Offenders
Juvenile Court
Criminal Court
Charges / Complaint
Detention hearing
Jurisdictional hearing
Dispositional hearing